Dr. Jackie Raphael has a PhD from Curtin University. Her thesis was titled: “The Celebrity Endorsement Industry: Adapting to Web 2.0 and Beyond”. For more than a decade, she has researched celebrity culture, social media, endorsements, branding, iconic status, persona and bromances.

Dr. Raphael currently works at the University of Western Australia as a Senior Learning Skills Officer and an Honorary Research Fellow (School of Social Sciences). She is writing a Routledge book about celebrity bromances being used as a promotional tool, with Dr. Celia Lam from Nottingham University in China.

Dr. Raphael has organised and chaired conferences globally, including New York, Barcelona and Perth. Furthermore, Dr. Raphael is the Regional Chair (Australia and the Pacific region) of the Fame and Persona Research Consortium (FPRC)on the Editorial Board of Waterhill Publishing and on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS). 

In her spare time Dr. Raphael also freelances as a Branding Consultant and does film reviews for A-List Reviews – http://alistreviews.blogspot.com.au/


For interviews or future research projects please get in touch:

Or you can find me on LinkedIn or Twitter

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