New Book! – Disassembling the Celebrity Figure

I received my printed books in the mail today! Disassembling the Celebrity Figure: Credibility and the Incredible, is technically the first book I ever worked on but has taken four years to come out. The journey began at Oxford University at an IDP conference in 2014, where I met Dr Celia Lam and Millicent Weber. Over drinks at a campus bar we planned out the book and sent in the proposal, which of course was accepted.

This book explores themes of authenticity, branding, fandom and media. I have a chapter in the book that focuses on the death of Paul Walker and the role of social media in mourning the loss of the actor. Other case studies include Lady Gaga, Mozart, Jane Austen and Sherlock Holmes.


I would like to thank Brill for publishing the book and all the contributors – Marie Josephine Bennett, Lise Dilling-Nielsen, Kylo-Patrick R. Hart, Mingyi Hou, Renata Iwicka, Ephraim Das Janssen, Magdalen Wing-Chi Ki, Celia Lam, Mirella Longo, Aliah Mansor and Millicent Weber. I would also like to thank the illustrator of the book cover, Jamie Wyatt.

I hope you enjoy reading the book!


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